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BREAKING – Federal Court Denies Government’s Motion to Dismiss – Read the Ruling HERE and Plaintiffs’ Statements HERE

No child should be denied an opportunity to learn.  But some Native children must attend a school that is a school in name only.

The Havasupai Elementary School, which is run by the federal Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), lacks the basic requirements of a school.

  • Children receive instruction in math and English – only.
  • Children are subject to severe teacher shortages and chronic school closures.
  • Children lack basic learning materials, like books.
  • Children with disabilities are provided no system for special education.
  • Children are provided no mental health or wellness support.

This landmark federal lawsuit, Stephen C. v. BIE, is brought by nine child plaintiffs and the Native American Disability Law Center to hold the BIE accountable for providing quality education to Native children.

Read the Complaint Here

Find the Current Status of the Case Here

**The photographs of Havasupai children above were taken by Lois Hirst, and originally published in the book I am the Grand Canyon by Stephen Hirst.